How's going?

How's going?

Well, the answer to this question has always been, "All good, WBU?" and the response to this will get the same reply but wait a sec, have we ever thought of what we just said as what we mean it or just giving a start to our conversation, before I have been introduced to the corporate culture my way of answering to this question used to be specific like I use to address the most relevant activity that I have been engaged in past 24 hours, it may sound weird but I suppose to always choose a unique way of answering this and still do this with specific individuals.

Moving forward this blog post will try to put some light on the recent tweets that I posted in the past few days and see if you can resonate with the same.

Let's consider this way when an individual keeps on consuming knowledge through reading, listening, and watching online content he/she gets a huge resource of data sets and now the individual has to figure out by applying the permutation and combination of this data to mould it in such a way that results into an innovative/revolutionary output. So the more you consume the better your results will be and make sure to filter by quality.

Education gives the ability to think and make decisions

We consume second-hand knowledge to innovate something new. Backtracing into Education, which can be divided into 3 phases wherein the 1st phase(upto 8th Grade) will teach you to read, write, speak and basic GK, the 2nd phase(upto 12th Grade) should enable you to make decisions and the 3rd phase(Graduation) will help you learn and apply the applications based on the decision you took in 2nd phase. The sole purpose of education is to make an individual capable to think and take correct decisions that meet his need and accelerates the functioning of his existing life.

What's the catalyst that makes you Think? The answer is straightforward, "Curiosity" See the below-mentioned video in this Tweet to resonate with the comment. The curiosity to explore Outer Space while in School made me question this and due to lack of data, the results didn't show up.

Comparing Artificial Intelligence with the Human Brain's thought process

As seen above our brain functions to think based on the data it consumes and the output is unpredictable in some cases but in AI the output is predictable because AI functions on the Machine Learning model which enables supervised learning that takes input data sets created by us. The only pro we can see in AI is, the resulting frequency can be achieved faster than the human brain computing the results.

Here's one of the most popular AI product that narrows down your Google search and provides you with the best feasible solution based on the question you provided with the specific and important keywords. OpenAI ChatGPT

What's the one thing that we can continue throughout life as a continuous effort for learning? "Speak less and Listen more" applying this principle will help you to uncover something which you didn't know before

What if you were asked, One image that defines the theme you want for yourself in 2023? Think of one word that you want as your constant theme for the Year. If you want you can comment on your response to this question.

So this question came back in May 2022 in a Virtual Happy Hour session wherein we were asked to prepare a deck for all the questions and reflect those in Images and explain them accordingly, the below image is what I choose for this question and the actual one word was "Listening" for which I have elaborated the same in the image. Since the question was for one particular year but I choose to make it constant thought life.

Coming back to the actual question, How's going? If you ask me as of Today I would reply to this question as, "Nothing much just writing down a Blog that I am supposed to publish every month first weekend as a part of a mutual agreement"